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This year, National Homelessness Week is recognised from the 7th to the 13th of August. Tony, along with the awesome teams at Loaves and Fishes Support Services and Food Assist Toowoomba are sleeping out at 174a James Street on Monday the 7th to raise awareness and funds for Tony's Community Kitchen.

But wait, there's more... You're invited too! Just chip in with a donation on the night, and you're in!


Interested? Let us know by filling out the quick registration form below 💙

Homelessness Week

What is Homelessness Week?

In Australia, there are over 122,494 people experiencing homelessness on any given night.


Homelessness Week aims to raise awareness of the causes and impacts of homelessness via national and local events and campaigns. This includes providing information on the importance of housing as a solution and educating communities on how they can make a difference.

Why do people become homeless?

  • 52% of people seeking homelessness services say issues with housing or finances, such as the affordability of rent, are the main reason they need help

  • 28% cite family violence or other violence and abuse as the main reason they need help 5% cite other family relationship issues

  • 15% cite other issues

What is needed to end homelessness?

  • To end homelessness once it occurs people need: Adequate incomes

  • A home

  • To be free from violence and abuse

  • Effective support to gain and retain housing


Anyone is invited to join for a donation on the night!

Thanks for registering for the Sleep Out. See you there!



We are so excited to announce that Englund Care Toowoomba is sponsoring Tony's Sleep Out!


England Care provides 1:1 personal supports, group activities and community access. In Toowoomba, they are focusing on developing a community; including projects such as a garden, as well as providing Psychosocial Recovery Coaching and Coordination of Supports.

England Care is also now establishing NDIS application assistance for people who need support applying.

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