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Things you need to know when donating to us!

Here's a simple, where, when, what to make it easier and simpler for you to donate.

Where: 232 North Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350 Bay 3 - please come in and ask our friendly volunteers where exactly and we can help.

When: We're open 7 Days a week (excluding Public Holidays) between 9am - 2pm. Anytime between then is good for us!

What: We take donations of small bric-a-brac, clothing, books, shoes and toys. Unfortunately we no longer take donations of large furniture items due to our Community Pantry growth and community need.

We appreciate you being selective in choosing what comes to us, only donate things that you would want to buy from an opshop, please don't give us your rubbish.

Please also don't dump your donations outside while we are closed, this creates a hazard for our premises and our neighbours don't like it.

We appreciate you wanting to help our community, all funds are donated back to our Community Kitchen! Thank you.

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