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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Oct 11, 2021

Easter 2020 we were looking after around 25 people with a meal 7 nights a week…fast forward to October 2021 where our average is 80 people who come every night for a meal.

Today is World Homeless Day…with so many people struggling we know there is more to be done and we are grateful to everyone who helps us in what we do…

While we can’t solve the homelessness problem, what we can do is to provide a meal, groceries, a shower and laundry, a safe place for people to come, conversation and a sense of belonging. Our friends know at the end of the day Tony’s Community Kitchen is their ‘go-to’ place for dinner, where they will be greeted with a smile and know that they are welcome to sit and enjoy their meal.

Thank you to our Followers, to our families and schools who cook wonderfully nutritious meals, to our serving volunteers who are the faces that our friends have come to know and trust, to our many drivers who pick up from grocery stores and bakeries, our gardeners, our people who help us with our media, our amazing people who raise funds, everyone who generously give financial assistance, the dozens of people who ring our doorbell with boxes of groceries…

It takes a Community and we are grateful that you are part of ours.

Stay tuned as we plan for World Homeless Day 2022!

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